Donna Helle. Terry Helle, Marilyn Helle

Lt to Rt front row:  Liz, Marilyn  2nd Row:  Lori, Jody, Terry, Julie  3rd Row:  Jeff (Kenny's boy), Sherri, Cory (Behind Cory): Jimmy
Front Row:  Terry and Karen Helle

2nd Row:  Kenny, Jeff, Sherri, Don, Miyoko,

3d Row: Jodie, Laurie, Julie

These pictures are out of order due mostly to me being a little lazy

Terry Don Helle  20 July 1945           Married Karen Alice Harrod
Karen Alice Harrod  20 Aug 1947 - 12 Dec 2001
Sherri Lee
Julie Jean
Jodie Regina
Corey James
Lauria Lynn